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"Rescue" means the removal of individuals facing external, nonmedical, and nonpatient related peril to areas of relative safety. A "rescue unit" or "rescue squad" means a group of individuals who are not necessarily trained in emergency medical services, fire fighting, or law enforcement, but who expose themselves to an external, nonmedical, and nonpatient related peril to effect the removal of individuals facing the same type of peril to areas of relative safety. The unit or squad must comply with existing State statutes and with eligibility criteria established by the North Carolina Association of Rescue and Emergency Medical Services, Inc.
NC General Statute 58-87-5(c)

North Meck Rescue is a Certified Heavy Rescue Provider from the North Carolina Association of Rescue and EMS. We were the FIRST Department in Mecklenburg County Certified for Heavy Rescue Response from NCAREMS. Huntersville Fire Dept. (after they merged with Gilead VFD) is the only other department certified by the NCAREMS as a Heavy Rescue Provider in Mecklenburg County.

North Meck Rescue is also the busiest County First Responder agency in Mecklenburg County.1

CARSEATS: We are unable to check your carseat, we do not currently have any members certified. To find out where you can get your carseat checked, click HERE.

Total calls for 2017, as of June, 30: 1,492 to close out 2017

Training Updates: For updated training information please click on the training link to your left.

North Meck Rescue was dispatched on 2,790 calls for service in 2016.

North Meck Rescue contracts with MEDIC to provide EMS and RESCUE SERVICES within the Huntersville fire district and part of the Long Creek fire district.

North Mecklenburg Volunteer Rescue Squad was originally formed in 1959 to provide Rescue coverage for the citizens of North Mecklenburg County. Which consisted of Davidson, Cornelius-Lemley, Gilead, Huntersville-Craighead and areas south of Huntersville.

Old Rescue 7 Farewell Video

2007 Video

2008 Video

1We are the busiest Volunteer County Department outside the city limits of Charlotte.
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Call Totals 2012
North Meck Rescue Squad
Huntersville Fire Department
Station 1, 2, and 3
Cornelius Fire Rescue
Davidson Fire Dept.
Long Creek Fire Dept.
* = May reflect a higher call volume than actual incidents

Call Totals for surrounding departments, 2009
North Meck Rescue Squad 2,324
Huntersville Fire 1005
Cornelius Rescue/EMS 1,216
Cornelius Fire 1,118
Cornelius Fire and Rescue Combined 2,334
Gilead Fire 622
Gilead Rescue/EMS 555
Gilead Fire and Rescue Combined 1,177
Davidson Fire 527
Davidson Rescue/EMS 566
Davidson Fire and Rescue Combined 1,093
Long Creek Fire 345
Long Creek Rescue/EMS 355
Long Creek Fire and Rescue Combined 700

Call Totals for surrounding departments, 2008
North Meck Rescue Squad 2,137
Huntersville Fire 950
Cornelius Rescue/EMS 1,235
Cornelius Fire 1,129
Cornelius Fire and Rescue Combined 2,364
Gilead Fire 722
Gilead Rescue/EMS 498
Gilead Fire and Rescue Combined 1,220
Davidson Fire 543
Davidson Rescue/EMS 541
Davidson Fire and Rescue Combined 1,084
Long Creek Fire 310
Long Creek Rescue/EMS 373
Long Creek Fire and Rescue Combined 683

Call Totals for surrounding departments, 2007
North Meck Rescue2,133
Huntersville Fire1,075
Cornelius Rescue1,170
Cornelius Fire1,203
Cornelius Fire and Rescue Combined2,373
Gilead Fire653
Gilead Rescue488
Gilead Fire and Rescue Combined1,141
Davidson Fire539
Davidson Rescue452
Davidson Fire and Rescue Combined991
Long Creek Fire313
Long Creek Rescue (since July 1, 2007)150
Long Creek Fire and Rescue Combined463

CLOSED - Effective June 30, 2017 - Closing the doors after 58 years of service to the North Mecklenburg area. We will be transitioning to a Charitable Foundation, more to come on that.

Old Rescue 4

NMRS Patch on building

North Meck Rescue experienced a 14% increase in calls for year 2016, bringing our total responses to 2,790. In 2015 we ran 2,456 calls. Call breakdown coming soon. Although this has been our busiest year to date the town of Huntersville plans to stop funding us after June 2017. This is not our choice, but the town feels like with Huntersville Fire station #4 being built on Mcilwaine Road that we are not needed anymore. Their intention is for the Huntersville Fire Department to to take over running all of the calls that we currently handle.

North Meck Rescue held there Annual Banquet on January 9, 2016. Awards for Top Call Runners, Member of the Year, Officer of the year, and years of service. (see below)

Group Membership Picture

Members along with the Huntersville Mayor, John Aneralla, and Town Commissioners Charles Guignard and Dan Boone.

Member of the year 2015 - Michael Tessari (right)

Officer of the year 2015 - Michael Weber (left)

Top Volunteer Call Runner of the year 2015 - Jacob Moore (left)

Call Volume 2015

Call Volume 2014

6 Members from North Meck Rescue competed in the Technical Rescue Competition at the NCAREMS Annual Meeting in Greenville, NC. 2 Members competed in the 2 man Rescue Challenge. We also had 3 members compete in the BLS Competition. All these teams competed against other Departments from across the state. We finished 2nd in the Technical Rescue Competition and 2nd in the Rescue Challenge.

Tuesday night June 3, 2014 members of North Meck Rescue conducted Rescue training simulating a person stuck under a large ATV on an incline. Members had to use cribbing and stabilization techniques while raising the vehicle off of the victim with high pressure air bags.

NMRS 55th Anniversary

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Our Mission
To serve the citizens of Northern Mecklenburg County by providing emergency medical care to the sick and injured, rescue services to individuals entrapped in vehicles or machinery, and other rescue operations.

Our Goal
Provide exemplary patient care and reduce death, injury and disability by providing first aid, CPR and safety classes to the citizens of our community.

Our Services
The North Mecklenburg Volunteer Rescue Squad is an Advanced Life Support first responder agency contracted by MEDIC to provide first responder and rescue services in our response district.All members are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians.  Squad members can utilize semi-automatic defibrillators for patients in cardiac arrest and can administer epinephrine, nitroglycerin, and other medications for patients with medical emergencies.  The Squad also provides rescue and extrication services in conjunction with area fire departments.

Mecklenburg County First Responder Map

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